We Eliminate the Competition in the Merchant Services Industry

Merchant’s PACT is the catalyst to attract new businesses and a strong foundation to build trust, savings, and a stronger relationship with your business customers.

When you partner with Merchant’s PACT, your financial institution is no longer limited to a specific provider or set of solutions.

All customers want the best pricing, but have different needs for accepting payments. When we work with your customers, they receive and keep the best pricing in the industry along with a customized processing solution and provider tailored to their needs.

Help 100% of your customers and increase your retention

Help your customers whether they are new to accepting, looking to get updated equipment, wanting to save money or stuck in a proprietary solution. Retain more customers through superior service, buy-rate, low pricing and rate & fee protection. Partner with Merchant’s PACT and you will find that your customers remain in your merchant services portfolio year after year. Work with your customers for all current and future merchant processing needs whether they stay with their provider and solution or choose to switch in the future.

Typical Industry Referral Program Attrition Rate-25% of merchant service portfolio lost annually and 75% of merchant service portfolio retained annually.
Merchant’s PACT Program Attrition Rate-2% of merchant service portfolio lost annually and 98% of merchant service portfolio retained annually.

The benefits for your financial institution:

  • Attract and retain more high valued business customers—which can lead to more deposits, loans and other valued added services
  • Ability to support 100% of business customers through our renegotiation services
  • Increase fee income
  • Transparent pricing so you know what your customers are paying each month
  • Detailed reporting on your customers each month
  • Create more value for your customers
  • Increase interaction and branding to business customers
  • Protection of financial institution reputation
  • No liability

The benefits for your customers:

  • Do not have to switch providers to save money
  • Obtain lowest rates from new provider
  • Access to the best POS solution for their needs
  • Assurance that they keep low rates through our audits
  • Protection from hidden fees, markups, or increased rates
  • Reimbursement from provider for any errors or increases
  • Help with installs and downloads of processing equipment
  • Great customer service

Merchant’s PACT

We have over 150 years of experience in publicly traded and privately held companies within the payments industry. We have worked with hundreds of ISOs and processors and have tremendous expertise in the pricing dynamics, product solutions, and contract terms & conditions employed throughout the payment processing industry. We utilize our knowledge to improve the economics, integration, retention, and security of merchant services programs.


“Teaming up with Merchant’s PACT was an easy decision when considering the challenges that many of our local business owners face. The merchant services industry can be inescapable with confusing terms and fluctuating costs, leaving our business banking customers helpless at times. Partnering with Merchant’s PACT has provided our customers with a trustworthy resource – working on their behalf so they have an adequate understanding of merchant services industry pricing. Even better, surpassing expectations by transcending their knowledge of rates and fees, contracts and product solutions and turning it into savings for the business owner. Merchant’s PACT has created “a level playing field” for the customer – by holding the processor accountable, leaving us beyond pleased with their services!”

Raffo Wimsett, President & CEO, Town & Country Bank & Trust Co.

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