A small printing shop, with low payment card volumes had declined our services in 2013. At that time the business owner had been with their current provider, recommended to them by their bank, for almost a year. Our initial consultation showed annual savings of just over $500 per year AFTER Merchant’s PACT annual advisory fee. In 2013, the business felt as though moving forward was not necessary because the savings was not significant. The business trusted that their processing deal would stay in place; after all, their bank had recommended the provider. Thus, the business did not contract with Merchant’s PACT and did not review and monitor their monthly billing statements.

In 2015 the business decided to review the merchant fees and noticed an increase from original fees they received in 2013. They contacted Merchant’s PACT and after an updated review we determined that due to increases in fees over the previous 24 months, the annual savings would now exceed $2,500 per year. After this second consultation, the business became an official client of Merchant’s PACT. While our client was eager to begin saving, they were also frustrated by the amount of money spent on card processing the past two years. If they signed with Merchant’s PACT in 2013, they would have saved approximately $3,000 over the previous 24 months and avoided the fee increases.