“Merchant’s PACT was knowledgeable about processing fees and worked with my current processor to negotiate a better deal. I appreciate that the AOA continues to introduce new resources to practices like ours that help us save money and continue to provide great care.”

Janet Burns, PT
University Family Medicine Center, PA

Gain Control of your processing rates and fees when you hire our independent advisory company.

We have expertise in the pricing dynamics, product solutions, and contract terms and conditions within the payment processing industry. We help businesses save money and gain control of their processing relationship.


Our services include protection against price increases and billing errors, improvement of pricing, terms, and conditions, and direction on the best product solution. We work with businesses whether they are accepting payments today or are new to accepting payments.

Why is Control Needed?

  • Rates and fees are always changing and increase over time.
  • Pricing is not transparent.
  • POS systems and terminals are often sold or leased for an excessive profit.
  • Additional fees are added and mislabeled.
  • The sales representatives typically do not control your pricing, the processing company does.
  • Your business may have an unnecessary POS system, terminal, ecommerce solution, and/or mobile payment device.
  • Processing companies automate price increases and billings for their thousands of clients, errors will happen.

It is Easy with our Help:

  • NO switch obligation; we can negotiate with any provider.
  • NO rate increases, we audit your monthly processing statements to ensure there are no rate increases and check for billing errors.
  • NO new processing equipment or solution required, unless you would like new equipment.
  • NO effort or time on your part, we help manage your processing relationship so you can focus on growing your business

AOA is continuously seeking new and creative ways to support their business clients.  That is why they have partnered with Merchant’s PACT. Our program is specifically designed to save you time, worry, and money in regards to your payment acceptance.

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AOA Member Value Webinar

Do you accept credit cards in your practice? Do you know the difference between the interchange fees, network fees, and acquiring fees and which are negotiable?

Click here to access a recording of the most recent webinar with Merchant’s PACT. Learn what to look for when searching for a processing provider and see a breakdown of the players in the payment processing industry and a breakdown of their fees.

Merchant’s PACT is an AOA Member Value Partner offering consultation and auditing services. As an AOA member, you can receive a free processing statement audit from Merchant’s PACT. This includes an explanation of your current rate and fees. Fill out the form below if you are interested in a free audit.

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