Merchant’s PACT consults with businesses nationwide about their payment acceptance.  Merchant’s PACT is dedicated to preserving the security and safety of our client’s information.

When a business owner or referral partner visits our website and works with Merchant’s PACT, we want them to know that we believe and enforce privacy of information.

Due to the nature of our business, Merchant’s PACT does not process any bank card transactions or maintain access to any cardholder information or card numbers.  We do collect personal information (such as name, address, phone number, email address and the total card volume that relates to the merchant’s business) and aggregated information such as how many visitors log on to our sites and the pages they access.

Personal information is utilized to send information about our services, answer any additional questions, to provide a savings analysis, and to learn about the level of satisfaction with our service.  (If a processing statement was provided, we have the authority to conduct an initial analysis based off this processing statement.)  Once a business becomes a client of Merchant’s PACT, we assist the business in the merchant application process to be submitted to the processor for approval.  This information is maintained within our CRM system (Sales Force) which is a secured environment.  Physical hard copies of the documentation are maintained in a locked file cabinet in a locked room.   Our entire office is secured through a Cisco firewall and key entry access.  All transactional level activity and cardholder information is handled by the processors and not in our possession.

As clients use our website, our software collects information on their location, IP address, domain name, type of browser, operating system, pages viewed, time spent on certain pages, referral sites, and in some cases the date web forms were submitted. The aggregated information allows us to gage the interest of our web users and provides information on how to better organize our website information.

We take steps to make all information received as secure as reasonably possible against unauthorized access and use, including limiting access to such data to only those employees with a business need to know.

In order to ensure any data that is inputted via the website is secure, we have invested in SSL certification for our whole site. Any sensitive data that we share with the processor is done via our secure network. Personal information is stored in a secure server located in the United States and in the cloud securely through SalesForce.

At Merchant’s PACT, we are committed to protecting and securing our clients information. We are committed to keeping sensitive information private.

For privacy inquires you may contact: