What's the Difference Between a Payment Processing Company and a Payments Advisory Firm?

Stop paying inflated card processing fees.

Merchant's PACT Advantage



merchant's pact billion annual savings

Businesses need an advisor that protects them from common merchant processing industry tactics. In the payment processing industry, approximately $7 billion in revenue is generated through charging businesses excessive merchant processing fees.

Save Money on Credit Card Processing Fees

With decades of experience in the payment processing industry we have helped everyone from business owners to company boards of directors figure out the details of accepting credit cards as payment. As independent consultants our focus is always on our clients and their success.

“I was reluctant to see what Merchant’s PACT could do for me but I gave them a chance. To my surprise not only were they able to get me much better processing rates but they also were able to help educate me in payment acceptance so I can make sure that I am doing the best practices for my business.”

-Jerry Boone, Boone’s Butcher Shop


Need to Know More?

What will I pay for processing?

This can depend on the type of business and average ticket. However, on average small to medium sized businesses in the United States pay 125 basis points over interchange and assessment fees. Merchant’s PACT clients pay less than 10 basis points (on average).

How does Merchant’s PACT get paid?

Unlike card processing providers who make money off of every single transaction you process, we are paid directly from you. We do not receive any commissions or residual payments from the payment companies. Our loyalty lies with you.

Is there a contract?

There is a contract which locks in your pricing for two years. Because we have negotiated favorable terms and conditions on your behalf, you are able to terminate the contract should customer service necessitate or there is a better price offer from someone else.

Do I have to switch?

No, our clients are not required to switch processors. However, in many cases, when clients learn how much per month they have been overpaying, they are eager to change providers, which we can also support.

Do I have to upgrade or buy equipment?

No, unless you are not yet EMV compliant. If you are not EMV compliant, we will help you obtain the right equipment to accommodate the EMV liability shift.

What if you can’t save me money?

Our advice will be free.