MPACT has had the pleasure of working with some of the best financial institutions in the industry, and helped independent businesses achieve some great goals!  Here’s what they have to say.



MPACT has had the pleasure of working with some of the best financial institutions in the industry, and helped independent businesses achieve some great goals!  Here’s what they have to say.

“Finally! Someone who has payment systems expertise, can negotiate the best rates, and audits merchant statements to ensure accuracy, all while providing considerable savings to our merchants!”

Michael D Traveller

SVP Controller, First Federal Savings Bank

“We have worked with Merchant’s PACT and their team of payment card experts for over six years. Their vast industry knowledge and detailed, analytical approach is instrumental in the improvement, growth, and ongoing success of our program.”

Mike Stewart

President, First Merchants Bank Corporation & First Merchants Bank

“Partnering with Merchant’s PACT has provided our customers with a trustworthy resource – working on their behalf so they have an adequate understanding of merchant services industry pricing.”

David Greenwell

President & CEO, Town & Country Bank and Trust Company

“We chose Merchant’s PACT because we feel their unique approach, expertise, service, and product offerings provide the best value to our business members.”

Keith Braun

SVP of Member Experience, Cinfed Credit Union

“Merchant’s PACT has been very easy to work with. It’s a nice feeling to know that they are taking care of the things I never enjoyed doing, like reviewing our account statements, and always looking out for possible savings that I would never have known about. They have an amazing amount of industry knowledge!”

Jennifer Rubenstein

Director, Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA)

“We selected Merchant’s PACT based on their extensive payments industry expertise. Their thorough analysis of our existing program and their leadership throughout our vendor evaluation and negotiations tremendously improved the economics and terms of our merchant processing contract. I would highly recommend contacting Merchant’s PACT when you are reviewing your bank’s merchant services program.”

Steve Trager

Chairman & CEO, Republic Bank

“Merchant’s PACT was very knowledgeable about processing fees and worked with my current processor to negotiate a better deal. I am saving money and did not have to switch my processor. They also conduct quarterly audits on our credit card processing statements to ensure that we keep the lowest rates and receive a refund for any billing errors. I appreciate that the AOA continues to introduce new, creative resources to osteopathic practices like ours that help us save money and continue to provide great care.”

Janet Burns

University Family Medical Center

“We used Merchant’s PACT to renegotiate our current processing deal and saved a significant amount of money without having to switch providers or our POS solution. Merchant’s PACT audits our processing statements and manages our payment acceptance. We believe our members will find value just as the AOA does.”

Matthew J Kremke

Vice President Business Development, American Osteopathic Association

“Merchant’s PACT validation on of my processing deal kept me from switching to another processor and solution that would have cost my business more money. I would recommend Merchant’s PACT independent, knowledgeable, and trustworthy advisers to any business that wants an honest analysis of their processing deal.”

Cara Silletto

Owner, Crescendo Strategies

“Merchant’s PACT has been the solution we have been looking for to support our business banking customers! By offering payment systems expertise, negotiating the best rates, and auditing merchant statements to ensure accuracy, Merchant’s PACT truly works for our clients in their best interest!”

Jeff Thomas

Director of Business Development, First Harrison Bank

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