We conducted an analysis for a business and explained our company model, their rates and fees, and typical merchant processing industry practices. Our review found minimal savings potential at the time so we recommended they stay with their processor and utilize our ongoing auditing services to avoid billing errors or rate increases. They took our advice to stay with their processor, but did not utilize our auditing services.

Two years after speaking with us, they had us conduct another review because they had switched processors to integrate to their POS system. They were positive their new processor matched their old pricing, but wanted to confirm they had the best possible deal.

When we did an analysis we found the rates were much higher than they previously were and that the business was overpaying $1,700 annually.


We were able to help this client lower their rates and fees with their new provider. Unfortunately, had this business utilized our auditing services previously they would have saved $3,400 over the previous two years. We would have identified rate increases and conducted a review of the new processing deal from the integrated processor and negotiated better pricing on their behalf from the start of the switch. While we could not recover the money the overpaid for two years, we will save this business from overpaying in the future. We continue to protect this business from rate increases and conduct review on any competitive bid offers.



We provide more than just negotiations, our audits ensure your great deal stays in place and we evaluate any competitive bid offer for you. We allow you to gain control of your processing rates and fees.



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