Optimize your payment acceptance environment

We evaluate your entire payment processing program to improve security, expand functionality, and reduce patient payment acceptance costs.

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Through Merchant’s PACT Providers Receive the Following Benefits:

Identify possible vendor gaps & overlaps – consolidation opportunities

Ability to implement better pricing through aggregating volumes on a single technology source

Option to accept payments through any medium: online, mobile, terminal, POS, IVR

Receive an audit of the processor contract

Receive quarterly audits of processing statements

Obtain RFP/RFI management services

Ensure your organization is not at risk for a data breach (HIPAA and PCI-DSS) when processing a payment

Shrink your accounts receivable volume by improving your revenue cycle management


  • Frictionless integrations to any EHR or PM platforms
  • We manage implementation/installation of any software or hardware requirements


  • Merchant’s PACT helps you with PCI-DSS Compliance
  • We ensure you have the proper data security systems in place

Our optimization process is self-funded through a portion

of the financial improvement we obtain on your behalf.

Why choose Merchant’s PACT?

We have over 150 years of experience in publicly traded and privately held companies within the payments industry. We have worked with hundreds of ISOs and processors and have tremendous expertise in the pricing dynamics, product solutions, and contract terms & conditions employed throughout the payment processing industry. We utilize our knowledge to improve the economics, integration, retention, and security of merchant services programs. Our advisory service is self-funded through a portion of the financial improvement we obtain on your behalf, limited term.

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