Electronic payments and a cashless society – Understanding the excitement and fear

January 8, 2016

Apple Pay, Android Pay, mobile wallets, EMV/chip cards, Square, —the way we pay and the way payments are accepted at businesses continues to change and evolve. Particularly, 2015 was a big year for EMV technology and 2016 is projected to be “the big year” for mobile payments. With payments technology continuing to evolve, business owners and consumers are filled with numerous questions. Is the payment method secure? What is being done to protect my identity and bank accounts? Where is the future of payments headed? And many more.

It is an exciting but confusing time in the world of payment technology, and we know people have lots of questions about these trends. Insider Louisville has partnered with Wimsett & Company and assembled a panel of experts to help ease your fears and fill you in on living in a cashless society.

Watch Electronic Payments and a Cashless Society Panel Discussion

panel discussion

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