No Switch Obligation

Merchant’s PACT  examines key factors of your program to develop an optimization plan. We will negotiate on your behalf with any provider.

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results examined:

    • Market competitiveness
    • Technology integration
    • Differentiating factors
    • Portfolio performance
    • Pricing management metrics
    • Business customers’ experience
    • Business customer attrition
    • Structure and tactics
    • Contract, terms and conditions

optimize best practices to:

  • Attract and retain more high value business clients
  • Receive more opportunities for loans and deposits
  • Capitalize on the unique advantages of your program
  • Increase your fee income
  • Improve your business customer experience
  • Enable more control and oversight
  • Further develop your portfolio
  • Manage your pricing
  • Improve the contract, terms and conditions


“Merchant’s PACT expertise and leadership were significantly beneficial as our bank went through our merchant processing program review and renewal process. Their level of knowledge and professionalism was most impressive and more financially beneficial than I would have envisioned from the onset.  I would highly recommend contacting Merchant’s PACT when you are reviewing your bank’s merchant service program.”

Michael Rechin, President & CEO First Merchants Corporation

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