We offer a variety of consulting services and programs to contractually and financially improve your merchant services program.

Merchant’s PACT (Payment Acceptance Consulting Team) was founded in 2012 to help financial institutions and business owners understand the payments industry and provide transparency to pricing practices. Our team has experience in publicly traded and privately held companies within the payments industry.

Merchant’s PACT is different from other merchant processors because we do not represent just one processing company. We work in the best interest of you, our partner, and your valued business customers.  We have worked with hundreds of banks and credit unions and have tremendous expertise in the pricing dynamics, product solutions, and contract terms & conditions employed throughout the payment processing industry. We utilize our knowledge to improve the economics, integration, retention, and security of merchant services programs. There are a variety of approaches taken to improve your program. The overall financial improvement obtained for your financial institution always outweighs the cost of our services to deliver a meaningful ROI.

Comprehensive RFP

A tailored Request For Proposal will be provided and distributed to various processing companies to complete. We will evaluate the proposals and contracts, lead negotiation discussions with processors, and mediate between the financial institution and processing companies. For more information click here to schedule a time to discuss.

Abbreviated RFP

Make the RFP process more efficient through the leverage of our established relationships and historical negotiations.  We still customize the evaluation of the proposals and contracts of select processing companies, lead negotiation discussions with processors, and mediate between financial institution and processing companies. For more information click here to schedule a time to discuss.

Renegotiation with current processing provider

Receive a benchmark of your current program versus similar programs to determine the financial and contractual improvements that can be made with your current processing provider. We will negotiate the most favorable terms & conditions including pricing tactics, revenue share, reporting, and sales representative coverage to help meet the goals of your financial institution. For more information click here to schedule a time to discuss.

Managed Services

Choose from a variety of different services that you can utilize on an ongoing basis. Examples of these services include: monthly financial audit and residual review, portfolio management and pricing strategies, statement analysis and merchant pricing consistency, sales outsource for smaller merchants, sales management mentoring, and lost account recovery. These services are offered to increase residual income, pricing margins, and the sales close ratio while decreasing attrition and growing your merchant portfolio. Our services are not mutually exclusive and often are combined. For more information click here to schedule a time to discuss.

Jack Henry Merchant Services Program

Jack Henry & Associates has partnered with Merchant’s PACT to run and manage the Jack Henry Merchant Services Program. This program provides Jack Henry financial institutions with options on how to improve their merchant services program. Included in the program are the consulting services of Merchant’s PACT (previously mentioned above) and integrated processing programs.

Integrated Processing Solutions for Referral or Agent Programs

Contractual and financial benefits have been included in these programs so financial institutions have the ability to maximize their revenue and help 100% of their business customers. These robust programs provide: increased residual income, the latest technology and solutions, quality customer service, merchant level renegotiations, merchant pricing expertise for your bank and business customers, and integration with your core solution. Merchant’s PACT consulting team works on behalf of Jack Henry to introduce the program and processing company that is the right fit for your financial institution. We will continue to stay involved as an extension of the Jack Henry team to ensure program fit and seamless integration as well as ongoing management.

For more information click here to schedule a time to discuss.

DIRECT Referral Partnership

This partnership is for financial institutions that want to utilize the Merchant’s PACT consulting team directly for their referrals. This partnership provides: increased residual income, control over customer pricing, portfolio growth, lower attrition, great training and reporting, beneficial pricing margins for your financial institution and your business customers, knowledgeable representatives, wide range of processing solution options, high-risk business processing, and the ability for businesses to save money without having to switch technology. If you want proactive communication between your financial institution and business customers and more opportunities to help larger business customers and build stronger business relationships, this is the program for your financial institution. For more information click here to schedule a time to discuss.